Notes from the Superintendent

The National School Lunch Program has granted a waiver for free lunches to all students PreK-12 beginning Sept. 1, 2020 through Dec. 31, 2020.  Lunch bills acquired before Sept. 1, 2020, will need to be paid.  the waiver only applies to students.  
If you are reading this from one of the school Facebook sites, I would like to invite you to visit the new school webpage at  We believe this webpage is much more user friendly.  From this site parents can access the link to our online gradebook and there is also a printable calendar of events ranging from athletics to fundraisers to breakfast and lunch menus.  
Our Football Homecoming Court was selected last week.  Congratulations to all the girls.  Due to COVID-19, we will be changing the Homecoming routine.  We will have the usual Homecoming Coronation at the football game, but we will not have a parade.  
I would like everyone to understand the process we go through each time we have a student or staff member who becomes COVID positive or comes into contact with someone who is COVID positive.  When a student or staff member becomes COVID positive, we are required to call the County Health Department and they begin helping us with contact tracing.  We will look at class and bus seating charts and any other information we can provide that would indicate specific individuals that were within 6 feet of the COVID positive person for 15 minutes or more.  That is why our teachers and principals have worked so diligently to create distance between students and to have seating charts in classrooms.  Having a COVID positive student or staff member could cause us to shut down traditional school and go to virtual school for up to two weeks.  If we can provide evidence that we have maintained physical distancing, it may only require the quarantining of a few individuals.
The usual Homecoming routines of building floats and having a parade makes it impossible to maintain physical distancing.  There is no practical way to maintain physical distancing while students build floats or participate in a parade.  One COVID positive individual that participated in those activities could result in the quarantine of a large number of individuals, resulting in the cancellation of athletic events due to numerous players in quarantine or even closing traditional school and going to virtual for a couple of weeks. 
As I have said before, our decisions will be guided by the medical profession and what we feel gives our students the best opportunity to have a complete school year and complete athletic seasons.   We will still have Homecoming at the football game and Mr. Smith and Hominy High School staff will be working on some creative ways to enhance the Homecoming festivities.  
Thank you,
Doyle Edwards, Superintendent